'' ' window washing irony ' '' '

I've waited all summer for the perfect week to have our windows washed. This is not a do-it-yourself project, because we have high windows and lots of them. In June, when I thought all possibility of spring rains had passed, I called our usual window-washing crew. They never returned my call.

Last week, the doorbell rang and it was a college kid asking if we need our windows washed. I said, "As a matter of fact..." So we set up the day and time, and then I realized that I would be out of town tending my cute grandkiddies on the big day. But, WHY NOT just let Scott take over and help with the window washing project. He was willing enough, so we planned on it.

I called him several times yesterday, and he said the guys were doing a great job and the windows had never looked better. Inside and out! I was so excited about my shiny windows.

Well, when I woke up at my son's house this morning, it was raining. I called Scott and he said, yes, it was pouring in Logan, but he reassured me: "I don't think the rain is really hitting the windows much." Yeah, right. It rained all day - you can see from the pictures that it rained hard.

My windows looked good for a half a day - at least that's what they tell me. When I arrived home this evening, it was dark and still raining. Scott maintains that it was a 'clean rain.'

Now if you are a person who watches the weather, you might ask why I didn't just check the forecast. I just don't do that. I hardly watch TV. If I need to know the weather, I ask one of those people I know who can rattle off the forecast for the next six weeks. This time, it didn't occur to me.

If you live in Logan, the window washer calls himself "Seasonal View." Leave a comment if you want his number.