{ night sky miscellany }

We're having a classic summer storm tonight. Right now I can smell the storm as much as hear or see the storm. Who doesn't love the smell of summer rain. And the way the cool breeze freshens the air when the rain is falling.

It's thundering and lightning quite regularly now, and I can't get my mind off my dear friend. The rumbling sound just seems to magnify my heavy heart. I'll mention more later.

I missed the Perseid meteor showers. Did anyone watch the sky on Wednesday night, and was it spectacular? I think it wasn't because I haven't heard anyone talking about it.

I'm going to go watch the lightning now. Last week in Salt Lake City, on the same night that we flew in from San Diego, there were 7,900 flashes of lightning. I asked Scott, "Who sits and counts all the lightning strikes?" It was an honest question. There are measuring devices, I learned, that measure lightning.

One thing I know for sure. Max, our dog, does not like thunder.