family gathering in san diego

Way way way fun time in San Diego with the whole family. Here are some of my favorite group shots - It's going to take some time to pick, edit, and post individual photos from over 500 photos taken with two cameras by two photo maniacs.

This is the group that decided to sit in the splash zone - center section, row 2 - at Sea World. Mike and Winston got soaked, Scott and the girls bought ponchos that kept them sort of protected. As it turned out, the rest of us (including ME THAT HATES TO BE WET) got splashed too. Lots of splash. We were sitting at the back of the splash zone, on the far right side on about row 15. I didn't dream I would get wet.
This is at the beginning of the day at the ZOO. Pitt had a goal to see every animal on the list in the guidebook. Becky, Scott, Suzie, Winston and Mike hung in there with him, though it was very hot and humid. The rest of us saw MOST of the animals, but enjoyed a little less strenuous day. Through the whole trip Brookelyn and Bailee were so delightful to be with, well behaved and patient. And baby Carter, at 16 months, was wonder baby. He was so good - I don't think I heard him cry more than twice in five days.

Our day at Mission Beach was perfect summer beach weather - HOT - but with a little breeze to cool us off. This photo is funny because Pitt's head is exactly behind Aaron's. You can see his arms but not his head. Scott bought a little umbrella at the grocery store and he and I crowded under it so we could maintain our prize-winning white legs.
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