haPpy bIrThday TeResA LeWis

I want to send an ONLINE haPpy bIrThday to my net-savvy, online and offline {good} friend Teresa Lewis.

Teresa does more to CONNECT people than anyone I know. She sends love to her friends and to friends of her friends (and, of course to her relatives) via her blog, Facebook, and the online communities she brightens.

So here is an old-fashioned image that says it all--

The words say: "Be worthy. Love they Neighbor." "Kind hearts are the gardens, kind thoughts are the seeds, kind words are blossoms, the fruits are kind deeds." (Credit to Kindred Spirits Quilt Shop for image.)

These words actually look like what Teresa would stitch on the darling pillows that she makes and sells. She finds the best quotes and embroiders the words along with flowers or other cute images. And then she adorns the pillows with buttons and then more buttons! Teresa is also a very good writer with a natural and readable voice. And she's a hoot. A conversation with Teresa leaves you smiling. Happy Birthday dear Teresa!