"you've got to be kidding"

So I got a new sewing machine because my old one is too dang heavy for me to haul anywhere. Recently I had to miss a quilt class I wanted to take because I didn't have a portable sewing machine. My old Bernina (circa 1958) still runs great and I do and have always l-o-v-e-d it, but it weighs a ton and it was time to replace it. I bought a new Bernina, the Patchwork Edition, (because if I'm going to a quilt class I might as well look like a quilter).

Tonight I went to the instructional class for my new sewing machine. I can tell I'm going to love this new machine. The teacher is a dressmaker; she has made over 500 bridal gowns - which totally boggles my mind. She told us that her daughter makes aprons and sells them online. I asked what is the name of her daughter's etsy shop or internet shop and she said, "Well, she just sells them on her blog." "OK, what's the name of her blog?" "It's called Olive Juice and Co." "You HAVE GOT to be kidding me," I said, "That's your daughter? It's one of my favorite blogs ever!" (If you go there click on Past Designs to see the apron collection.)

The teacher's daughter sews THE CUTEST aprons ever. Georgana introduced me to her blog a couple of years ago and I anxiously await each new apron. Total eye candy. You can see by the photos I borrowed from her blog how creative they are. And in addition to the aprons, she uses digital magic to decorate the apron photos. Notice how appealing it makes the pictures. Her mother said that she is always surprised by the fabrics that her daughter puts together, but they're always a hit with her followers and she always sells out of each apron (200 each). So that was my fun little coincidence for today.