haPpy bIrThday dear bRooKelyn

I had the best day today - it was Brookelyn's #8 birthday - and to celebrate we went on a fun little shopping trip. Just the two of us. We shopped at Justice - a new store to me, but all the 'tween' girls know all about it and love it. (Marketing genius.) We had lunch at Olive Garden, then we went to the bookstore, because I don't think it's a birthday if you don't get a new book! I forgot to take my camera, so I bought a disposable one at Target and now I remember why I love digital. In a few days I'll take that film to the store and get the photos developed - and get a photo CD. Then I'll be able to post them on my blog. Oh, what an instant world we have gotten used to. I have to tell Brookie that she is a bright light in my life and I love her to pieces.

Now I want to finish up my obsession with my favorite color and show you some fabric samples that make my heart beat a little faster.

Above is a handmade journal made by nicole annette. Check out her etsy shop journal junky.