ring the doorbell and run - today!

Today is May Day! Here is the article I wrote for the Adornit blog with instructions for making May Day baskets:

A favorite May tradition is to make May Day baskets and hang them on the doorknobs of special friends and neighbors. May Day baskets are part of an old English festival called May Morning or May Day, which is celebrated at dawn every year on the first day of May. Originally a Celtic fest, it celebrated the coming of spring by gathering flowers and branches – “bringing in the May.” Other May Day festivities include dancing around the Maypole and crowning a May Day queen.

The tradition of May Day Baskets is fun for young and old – especially the door ditching part! Using designer patterned paper from Adornit makes them extra easy – and pretty. I made baskets in three sizes; the tiny one is filled with flowers. The middle-sized cone has Hershey’s kisses and the large basket holds three or four cookies. I used my favorite color combination: pink and green.

How to make May Day Baskets:

These little cones are easy to make – kids love seeing the transformation from flat paper to dimensional cone. (You can practice with cheap flat paper plates.) In this project, your stapler will be your best friend – so much easier and studier than gluing. Have fun!





Instructions for May Day Baskets:

  1. Cut 12x12 patterned papers into 4” x 12” strips (for small baskets), 5” x 12” (for medium) or 6” x 12” (for large baskets). Using a bowl or plate as a pattern trace a half circle with pencil and cut out. If you want your basket to have a scalloped top edge re-cut the curved edge with scalloped scissors.
  2. Grasping the corner tips, bring them together and overlap to make a cone shape. Pull the seam tight – especially at the bottom.
  3. Staple with 3 or 4 staples to secure.
  4. Decorate as desired – it’s easiest to attach embellishments with staples. I used flowers from Daisy Sweet Pink Cardstock Stickers.
  5. Attach a 16” piece of ribbon to each side of cone, using staples. You can knot the ribbon or add bows.
  6. Fill cone with flowers or goodies. For extra appeal make a coordinated TAG.
  7. Lay on the doorstep or hang on front door handle of someone special. Ring the doorbell and run to announce that spring has come!