Friday Philosophy :)

I was listening to a parenting expert named Lynn Scoresby on TV as I cleaned my kitchen the other day. His philosophy was so good that I grabbed a pen and paper and started writing. I am posting his suggestions for successful parenting here today, not because I'm trying to send a secret message to anyone, but because this is GOOD STUFF that anyone can use. As summer approaches and kids are out of school, these ideas can help young moms and dads. Additionally, many grandmas & grandpas (including Scott and me) will be enjoying visits from grandchildren and even we can use some of these principles. Here we go:


1. Prepare more than you punish.

2. Communicate more than you control.

3. Encourage more than you criticize.

4. Involve all of your children and family together AND individualize each child.
This is based on the idea that we belong in groups and we also have individual lives.

5. Love more than you isolate. Don't withdraw your love even when punishing.

6. Love your child enough to set and maintain limits.