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My favorite color is the color of baby leaves - the color of trees in the spring when the leaves first begin to grow. I love that I'm surrounded by this 'new green' right now. If I look out any window, I see that color, and it makes my heart light.
This color is popular in the home decor and fashion worlds too. The next four photos are from a variety of Etsy shops. I realize that I should give credit to where the photos came from, but I forgot that little detail as I was searching etsy and copying images. Next time I do a post like this I will be sure to add names. I was just in a green zone with no thought to attribution and such.

This color is really more yellow than green. What's the name of this color? Some might say chartreuse - but I really don't like the sound of that name! Here's what wikipedia says about chartreuse. Is there a crayon called chartreuse?

Chartreuse (pronounced /ʃɑrˈtruːz/, is a color halfway between yellow and green that was named because of its resemblance to the green color of one of the French liqueurs called green chartreuse, introduced in 1764; whereas chartreuse (the traditional color) is a yellow color mixed with a small amount of green that was named because of its resemblance to the yellow color of one of the French liqueurs called yellow chartreuse, introduced in 1838.[2]

That is one of the worst definitions I've ever read. I might have to give up and go to bed. Can you tell it's after midnight and I keep falling asleep at the keyboard. Have I ever told you about the time I fell asleep at the wheel going 80 mph? I'll save that for another post.

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Eileen said...

What beautiful photos! AND a beautiful color. How fun to get so educated while enjoying all the beauty. You are too cute!

And I can't wait to hear the story of you falling asleep. I'm glad you lived to tell it.


Ali Rae Designs said...

LOve love love the blogs and webs you suggested and I like that color the green/yellow cause it is very funky and unusual most ppl wouldn't vear to it only creative ppl with a creative eye.

Janet said...

You told ME the story one day while we were on the way home from one of Amy and Becky's dance competitions. I remember being a teeny bit glad that I was the one driving that day : )

Beautiful pictures, beautiful yard, love that color too.

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