= satisfying sunday =

I spent a good part of today either in church meetings or fixing and cleaning up Sunday dinner for guests. Michael had three friends from his mission staying with us for a couple of days, two of them young men from Japan. We had fun getting acquainted and being impressed with their amazing English language skills. I made a classic American meal - ham, scalloped potatoes (real ones, not the hash brown version), peas and carrots, rolls and homemade strawberry jam, fruit salad, and my mom brought red jello with whipped topping. Our visitors ate enthusiastically - and when I invited them to have seconds they all piled their plates higher than the first time. I don't love cooking, but I do love the time spent sitting around the dining room table talking and enjoying company. It was time well spent. I have to say that Scott was a huge help - from peeling potatoes to cleaning up the last pan. So appreciated. I took a couple of photos but the camera is downstairs and I'm up and I seriously can't go up and down the steps one more time. Come back tomorrow.