Quilt JoY !

It doesn't take many clicks to find wonderful quilts on the web. I've been browsing because I'm off on another little trip with Scott - this time to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He is taking a Landscape Painting workshop from Jim Wilcox - a premiere painter of the Teton Mountains and surrounding area. While Scott paints I'm going to sew something really cute like these quilts here. (Well, maybe not this cute because I can't seem to find this kind of funky fabric here in Logan, but cute enough.) The first quilt (above) is a vibrant quilt I found on the fun blog parkcitygirl. I'm excited about taking my new sewing machine and trying a new challenge of sewing in a hotel room.

The three quilts above are by Camille Roskelley of Thimble Blossoms. Her blog is called Simplify. She is a fabric designer, a pattern designer and a quilter. She's high energy like the girls I work with. I just ordered her Cotton Blossom line because it's starting to disappear and I don't want to miss getting it.

The next three are made by the quilter who posts on the blog lovelylittlehandmades.blogspot.com. I love love love her use of aqua and red. And she stipple- quilts her pieces herself on her machine. I can do that with my new machine if I fork out the cash for a walking foot. I'm going to try it without the special foot and probably make a real mess :)
The quilts above and below are made by the owner of Old Red Barn Co. blog. I think the fabric above is the Ginger Blossom line by Sandi Henderson. It's a gorgeous line of fabric...but you must be brave to use it I think. The quilt below is also by Old Red Barn Co. All but one of the fabrics are Amy Butler fabrics.

I'm inspired!