Memorial Day 2009

Scott and I went to the Logan Cemetery on Sunday evening to visit the graves of his parents and family. It had rained that afternoon and everything was sparkling. The sun was low on the horizon as we drove down cemetery road, and the way the light shone through the canopy of wet-leafed trees was just breathtaking. Of course the flowers through the cemetery were abundunt and beautiful - I especially loved the arrangement on Scott's mother and father's grave. It's lovely to see the old-fashioned floral shop arrangements with the classic 'funeral' shape and beautiful flowers.

On Memorial Day, for the first time in years, we went to the little town of Portage where my mother grew up and to the Portage cemetery where her grandparents, parents, brother and many other family members are buried. Below is a photo of my mom and her three sisters - Aunt Irene, Aunt Nadine, my mom Jean, and Aunt Norma. Aren't they cute? And they are each as outstanding and faithful as they are beautiful. They also have two brothers; Uncle Roland, who died a few years ago, and Uncle Byron who lives in Washington D.C. Below is my dad - oh how he loves Portage, though it's not his hometown. He took me on many adventures up into the mountains behind the cemetery - I still remember our hikes to Lemon Peak and Big Rock.
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