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Beginner Basics for Scrapbooking: July





It’s time for July's Beginner’s Basics from Adornit editor Debbie Raymond. Debbie writes:

So many pictures, so little time. It’s summer, and that means I have a dilemma. I’m taking lots of photos that would be SO CUTE as scrapbook pages, and yet I don’t want to spend time indoors when I could be outside hiking or riding my awesome old-lady bike.

Sooooo the answer is…make my scrapping simple.

That means giving myself some limits. (That’s hard when you work at Adornit!) I decided that FOR SOME OF MY PHOTOS, I’d limit myself to using only black and white papers and embellishments. That way I can easily use my most colorful photos because summer is COLORful. By using only black and white supplies, I can simplify my choices and help me get my scrapbook pages done.

This is so easy that you can put all your (limited) supplies in a cute basket and take them outside and watch your kids play or enjoy the beauty of your back yard while you scrap. If you’re young like Georgana, you’ll have kids jumping on the tramp and running through the sprinklers in the background as you work. If you’re an empty nester like me, you’ll enjoy the sounds of the birds in the trees or the songs on your Ipod. Whatever your stage of life, scrapbooking outside in the summer is a delicious treat.