getting my groove back

It's been awhile since I posted on my blog - I've been distracted with FUN things. We had a great week visiting with Suzie and Winston, here from Vegas, and we spent a couple of days at Bear Lake for a little family reunion. I will download and post my photos soon.

Meanwhile, I did a little web surfing today and wanted to show you images from quilt designer Sue Spargo. Her work is stunning and her folk-art style really appeals to me.

This is the quilt that first caught my attention. Just LOOK AT THAT! In reading her blog, I found out that she recently taught a class at Material Girls quilt shop in Salt Lake City. I just visited that fun shop for the first time last week with my girls.

This all started because I was surfing for inspiration to make a little pin cushion for fun tonight. And then I saw these quilts, and I've about lost my pincushion-sewing energy. It'll take me three hours to make a four-inch square, very simple pincushion. I'm a sewing pre-schooler. I'm a newborn. And I've been sewing for, oh, forty years, give or take a few months. How depressing.