- scrapping with a little help from my friends -

I'm scrapping tonight and enjoying the cool taste of this drink with a slice of lime and some good ice. Scrapping is a bit stressful for me (I don't know why, AdornIt product makes it so simple), but {Peter Frampton} on my oldies mix CD and a half a (small) bag of M&M's is making it really rather enjoyable.

"I can see the sunset in your eyes
Brown and gray, blue besides
Clouds are stalking islands in the sun
I wish I could buy one
Out of season
Ooh baby I love your way
Wanna tell you I love your way
Wanna be with you night and day...
I love your way."


Downriverdash said...

Pepsi? that just doesn't seem right? Are you sure?

Janet said...

Peter Frampton? That just doesn't seem right either. Are you sure?
P.S. is that the same bag of M&M's I stole two out of at work today? :)

Debbie said...

Yes, Pitt, Pepsi - if it's the sugar free, caffeine free version. And yes, Janet, Peter Frampton - takes me back to my college days. And one more yes, the same bag. I'm proud that I made it last all day.