{ you CAN judge this book by its cover }

Here's a charming little book that I've enjoyed reading in bits this summer. The author writes simple essays that are full of wisdom - especially for women. It's a quick read and each chapter has something that made me pause and think. This book would make a nice little gift - not only for the content but for the pretty cover.

Here's a book review from a blog called Azuki's Book Cafe:

In Creating a Charmed Life, Victoria Moran unveils practical, spiritual secrets for expanding your capacity to love, know, and experience a fuller, richer life. Her insight, humor, and unassailable wisdom shine through each page to illuminate the magic in all our lives.

This book contains 75 small chapters with titles like: *Create miracles * Nurture your dreams * Live your life in chapters * Nourish your spirit.* Each chapter has three pages or so to read that you can fit in a moment’s spare time. It’s best enjoyed in small bites like tidbits of chocolates, rather than in one sitting.

Truth be told, if you have read a few spiritual self-help or woman-feel-good books, you would definitely have heard many of the same things before, but it’s an endearing, charming little book nonetheless.