[ how did it get to be July ? ]

July 1. So many things to love about this month. Holidays. The celebrations. Quintessential summer. Scott's birthday. Bear Lake. Hope for hikes and bike rides and picnics. That one book I've been saving for the hammock swing on the back deck. Flowers everywhere. I even love July catalog time at work (easy for me to say, I have the fun job).

Today it was hot in the house. Scott hasn't had time to get the swamp coolers going - this is the year to thoroughly clean them, get new mats, do all the hard stuff up there on that high roof. He knows I won't let him go up there after dark. Two swamp coolers too. So we're cookin'.

I fixed a real dinner tonight for the first time in quite awhile. Watching "So You Think You Can Dance" on the little kitchen TV made the two plus hours of fixing and clean-up more tolerable. But man, it got hot.

I walked outside and was surprised by the hint of cool breeze. Perfect. Summer. Night. I kept going back into the house - tasks of course - downloaded some photos, put away some laundry, then rewarded myself with another walk outside. Back in to check my email, then thought to grab the camera - I wanted a photo of that breeze. You can see the slight movement of my tall perennial in the photo above. Fresh Logan summer night. Heaven.