HaPpy FouRth of JuLy !

Becky & Debbie trying Michelle's Rice Krispie treats with chocolate & caramel on the bottom.
Uncle Spence and Scott enjoying a little break from cooking on the grill.
Kellie with her little Max and Allie - and their cousin Gracie.
Aimee with just 8 hours to go until her NINE MILE run - the Freedom Run in Hyrum.
Doug and Kimberly with Evan and Jean.
Jennifer, Becky and Lesa catching up on their lives in Logan, Salt Lake and Tokyo, Japan.
Landon and Teri on the left and right and Abby in the center holding Landon and Teri's new little baby boy.
David, Tyler and Kyle catching some air on the trampoline.
Bailee and Adria sitting at the princess table and loving the mini cans of Shasta.

Matt and Michelle enjoying the PERFECT July evening temperature.