today's the day!

Today is the first day of my class Cut the Crazy out of Christmas on Big Picture Scrapbooking.com. I'm so excited to interact with all the fabulous ladies who are taking our class!

It's not too late to sign up....registration will close Sept. 20, 2009 at 10:00 p.m. PST.

The four-week class is self-paced, and the handouts and info are there on the website waiting for when you're ready to do the work. The cost of the class is $25.00- but if you want to save $5.00 you can email me and I'll give you the coupon code. (deb84341@yahoo.com). Here is what I wrote for BPS explaining how the class works:

Before we get started, we want to tell you a bit about how our BPS classroom will work. Each Thursday, our classroom will be refreshed with a new week of class materials. Once you have logged into our classroom, you will be able to view our welcome message, audio message, and downloadable handouts. Each week you will receive three different types of handouts. To separate them and for clarity, we have titled them PLANNER, PERSPECTIVE, and PROJECT (listen to the audio for a bit more detail). This will become more clear once you start the process. Now that's out of the way, let's get started!

Georgana (my boss at Adornit) and I are the teachers for the class. It was Georgana's idea to propose Cut the Crazy to BPS - and she did all the work to make the whole thing digital. Plus she helped develop the projects, and she created all the pdf handouts with new artwork. I'm really happy with the transition from hard copies to digital downloads.

We worked SO HARD to have great content and handouts for our class. I have to give credit to Norma Olsen - she originated much of the Cut the Crazy material. She and I developed the class in 1994 and taught it for years to women's groups. She has graciously let me take it to the digital world through Big Picture.

The Cut the Crazy out of Christmas PLANNER is the foundation of the class. Here is what I wrote for BPS as an explanation of the planner:

The Cut the Crazy out of Christmas binder/planner that you will assemble (according to our instructions and using your class downloads) is the FOUNDATION of this workshop. This planner will become your "control central" for Christmas. It is your most important Christmas organization tool. Keep it near your desk or in another accessible place. It's not a book that you pack away with your Christmas decorations! If you make a habit of referring to it all year, you'll be more organized when the holiday season arrives.

Your planner will eliminate all those floating scraps of paper that boggle your mind and clutter your counter. No more addresses jotted on napkins or endless post-it notes on the fridge. Everything will be compiled in one place.

debbie says: "My binder is my 'right hand man,' especially from September to January. I keep it in my kitchen cupboard right next to my recipe books. I remember, about this time last year, when my daughter commented that she didn't have any pretty salt and pepper shakers. I took out my binder and wrote, "Becky - S&P shakers" on my Christmas gift list - so I'll remember to buy them in November. I'm sure that I wouldn't have remembered that gift idea any other way!"

The magic of this planner is that it can be used year after year. It evolves with your family's needs. For example, you may save magazine pictures of decorating ideas that you like for a few years and then replace them with new pictures when your style changes. You can add ideas, tips, and stories as you find them. Remember to keep your gift lists from year to year to simplify planning and shopping for gifts. Use each page to help you in your effort to cut the crazy out of Christmas.