* bAbY SHowEr for Becky *

Becky is due in a month! We had a baby shower for her - a combined Grewe and Stevenson shower. It was so fun to go to Pitt's Aunt Sherrey's house in beautiful North Ogden and get reacquainted with some of his family.

Brookie loved the shower games - which made my efforts to find sophisticated (lol) shower games worth it. (I almost said, "No games.") We played a "name-the-baby" game (since Becky and Pitt haven't decided on a name or at least haven't revealed it to us) and a word game. Aunt Nancy came up with the winning name: Eiger.
The food was wonderful - this fruit salad made by Pitt's cousin, Jenny, was unique and pretty - a big bowl of heaven. Raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, pineapple and kiwi fruit. Fresh, cold, and delicious.

Oh, the baby things they have nowadays! Darling clothes for little boys and creative stuff for everything from bathtime to riding in a stroller. But the handmade things that Becky got for the new baby were extra special.
Grandma Patty took Becky to the fabric store when she was first pregnant and had her pick out her favorite flannels for receiving blankets and burp cloths. Patty has spent the summer crocheting edging around them - the cutest little edges you've ever seen on the cutest fabrics. And not just a few - the picture above doesn't really show the extent of what Patty made.

Patty's sister, Aunt Sherrey, has also been busy - making this adorable quilt for the baby. Again, the photo doesn't do it justice. It is so bright and beautiful - with rickrack and wonderful machine quilting. Lucky Becky and baby!