{ tAke FligHt }

The butterfly project started with the butterfly garland that I made for the Adornit Blog Hop last month. It's a fun little decoration celebrating the joy of summer. As I made it, I knew I had to let my little granddaughters in on the fun. Here are some photos of the cute garland I made, then some pictures of the girls' version. I love the Adornit papers and ribbon I used.

My grandaughters are just like me - they love a good project! And they love cute paper! (Just wait 'til they discover fabric.) I spent an overnight with them last weekend, and we had a blast making these chipboard butterfly wall-hangings. Brookelyn, above, and Bailee, below, really got into it. They carefully selected their papers and embellishments. (Everything you see is from Adornit Scrapbook Company - click here and you'll see Brookelyn on the Adornit scrapbooking homepage.)

Back to the project. The girls cut and pasted and embellished and adorned to their hearts' content. And then wanted to make more. Those girls do love stickers, do they ever! We spent a whole afternoon and part of the next morning butterfly-ing. (If you want to order the chipboard shapes - a set of six butterflies, send an email to customercare@adornit.com. I'm thinkin' you could make CUTE little gift sets out of them - little kits for your girls - holidays are coming!)