LaBor dAy at the LaKe

We spent a couple of days at Bear Lake for our anniversary/Labor Day. The weather was perfect except for a bit of blowing wind.

Nothing is more beautiful than the sight of the morning sun rising over the mountains to the east and reflecting on the lake.

This incredible flower garden takes a close second to being the most beautiful sight in the Bear Lake area. I kept watching for someone to be in the yard so I could ask what miracle potion they use to grow flowers like that. These photos don't really show how beautiful they are.

We went on a loonnng bike ride. I am impressed with the little towns in the Bear Lake area for having about ten miles of off-road bike trails.

One of the fun parts of our bike trip was discovering a lovely spot above the marina where you can watch the boats go in and out of the launching area.

My parents and Merilee and Arika came over Saturday (we missed you Val), and we couldn't wait to take them to see our marina discovery. Dad and I watched the boat parade.....

Merilee and Arika took off to walk a few laps and enjoy the fresh air and warm sunshine.....

And Scott held down the umbrella (it was windy) so my mom could enjoy the scenery in the shade. Scott didn't mind because he was had his book to read.

The day ended with a beautiful view of the moon shining above the lake. Always quick to grab her camera, Arika took the first moonrise photos, then Scott joined her to capture the beautiful scene on his own camera. Mer's friends, Denise and Morgan, arrived just in time to enjoy the magic too. I have more "people" photos to post - maybe tomorrow!