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9 - 09 Beginner Basics

Hi, it's Debbie here with September's Beginner Basics. This month I want to talk to beginning scrapbookers about a big problem that plagues scrapbookers at every level – that feeling of “never being done.”

Sometimes beginners get caught up in the mindset that they have to scrapbook EVERYTHING. If you have that attitude, I guarantee you’ll always feel panicked and stressed. When you let go of the idea that you have to scrap every photo and every memory, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the creative process of scrapbooking.

I challenge you to let go of scrapbooking your photos from last Easter - lol - and instead find two or three photos that represent a special moment and use them to create a one or two page layout.


For my layout, I started with my story – because it was important for me to write my feelings about my son’s music talent.

Here is what my journaling says:

"One of the best surprises in my life has been that Mike LOVES to play music. He is actually obsessed with it! I don't remember hime especially loving music as a kid - he took piano, trumpet, and guitar lessons, but he didn't like to practice and didn't play very much. After his mission, he started playing the piano and guitar all the time. I was so surprised at how good he was. He developed a taste for vintage guitars and music from the 70's. Friends would come to our house for loud jam sessions and to make music videos to post on YouTube. Mike and Tom Williams would sing together for hours. He performed at the university and at Why Sound. He and Tom played at a little yogurt shop that has music on the weekends. They sounded great!"

I typed up what I wanted to say and printed it onto the RAE BRACKET paper. (I cut the paper to 8 ½ x 11 first so it would fit into my printer.) Then I trimmed it to fit the photos I wanted to use.

This bracket look is trendy right now – Adornit makes it easy with already-made brackets. You can use the whole sheet or cut it up.


I wanted to find the perfect background paper. I tried several choices, then I remembered how much I LOVE love love Alison’s SONG BIRD patterned paper and decided that it was 'masculine' enough for my layout.


These papers are from Adornit's Rae Collection; you’ll notice that the colors are perfect for my photos and will be great for your summer and fall photos. Go get scrapping!