::: creative blogger :::

For me, blogs by inspiring, creative women are like all the toys in the biggest toy store I've ever been to - like the Toys "R" Us on Times Square in New York City. I'll never be able to explore all the blogs out there (duh). Sometimes I take a minute to go to one blog, and there on that blogger's 'favorites list' I see a dozen MORE blogs that would be fun to visit. And those blogs would lead to more and more and more blogs.

So, like you, I limit myself and enjoy the journey through just a few blogs. One of the most inspiring (probably because I love quotes), is Rhonna Farrer's blog. She is an amazing graphic artist and creativity guru. She runs a 21-Day Creativity Challenge that I never participate in, but love to visit. She is friendly and open and generous - she actually encourages you to print her designs. Here are two of my favorite quote posters that Rhonna designed: