* suzy ** snowflake hats *

My daughter Suzie taught herself to knit and crochet last year, and she's been knitting all kinds of things - even learning how to do new and unusual stitches by watching You Tube videos. (Amazing - she says there are thousands of video tutorials on You Tube.)

When she surprised me with this brown hat with the green bow, I knew she was really serious about his new 'hobby.' The hat is so cute! I've worn it a lot lately - because we've had a lot of snow. It stays on well, it's warm, and so fashionable.

Everyone I know is sick of the cold weather and snow storms. We had a little nice spell last month that spoiled us, and now we're back in the deep freeze. Spring seems so far away.

Thanks Suzie-I love my hat! Hope you're enjoying warm days and sunshine where you live!


SW said...

I'm glad you like it! It looks cute on you :) but I only Crochet, I don't know how to knit.

Katie said...

That is such a cute hat! I've gotta find out how to get me one of those :) Awesome job Suzie!

Oh, and Aunt Debbie, you look fabulous in your hat :)