burnt baked goods & other burnt stuff

I can tell I've been very distracted lately - burning cookies and bread sticks (these photos don't do the level of burn justice but believe me, they were inedible) and forgetting things and walking around my house in circles. I'm getting a LOT of exercise running from the top floor to the basement and back - not remembering what I was doing and then having to go back to the point of thought to figure out what I'm up to. I can tell I need to do something unconventional like check into a hotel all alone and write... just write. And figure out where I am and where I need to be. And how to do it...meaning do everything I want to do AND should do. Delicate balance there and the major cause of distraction problems for women.

Maybe I could bring the grandkids with me...that'd be fun. Or maybe we could all go together to Disneyland for spring break and do some shopping and go to the beach or something. Or Moab - haven't been there for years. Hiking would be good for all of us and we could take bikes and....yeah.