:: hope for Japan ::

Memories of lovely images and experiences keep surfacing as we remember the beauty of Japan and pray it will soon be restored.

We feel the same feelings our friend Nancy Crookston expressed in an email to me today, "My heart hurts for Japan. I feel such a kinship with that country as I am sure you do also, and I just can't believe the news." (Nancy is an award-winning oil painter and was honored to be a special guest artist and teacher at an exclusive gallery in Osaka, Japan.)

Scott's wonderful photographs of our time in Tokyo on the days before and after the earthquake are our tribute to the charm of Japan and its people. Tonight our special hope and prayer is for things to get better and not worse.
And, of course, we pray for a special blessing on Gary and all those working with him.


Katie said...

I have a special connection with Japan also. My dad served his mission there, and we have had several Japanese school teachers live with us for a few weeks on exchange programs (we became very close with them and still keep in touch). With family now living there too, my heart is so heavy when I think of what has happened. But I love that there is hope--hope for Japan. Thanks for your post and beautiful pictures :)

Eileen said...

Debbie, I am so glad you are home safe. I am also glad that Carol told me about your blogspot. I have loved reading about your experience. It helps me to appreciate what is happening in Japan and not just brush it off as something that doesn't affect me. I can't wait it hear more. Thanks for sharing.

Rachel's Mom said...

I would like to echo what Eileen said: reading your blog and seeing your pictures helps me to not just "brush off" the situation over in Japan. It is also beneficial for helping my children be more aware of what is happening over there. It's nice to show them "before" and "after," as this gives them an appreication for Japan's beautiful culture, and so forth. I, too, would like to stay focused on the HOPE for Japan.