and now...paradise

I can't even describe where we are right now - except to say that we are so far away from anything and everything that I can't even wrap my mind around it. We are on the island of Kosrae - an island in Micronesia that looks on the map to be somewhere between Japan and Australia. And far far from each. To get here or leave here, one must catch a plane that flies only on Friday and Tuesday.

We're here with my brother Gary and his wife Lesa. This island and others in Micronesia...as well as Guam (four hours away by plane), Korea, and Japan are part of their church assignment - Gary is the Asia North Area President. They are visiting Kosrae for a District Conference of the church members here. Last fall, they expressed that they would love to have us join them for this adventure, so we planned and arranged - and here we are.

We flew to Japan last Wednesday - Mike was with us and we said good-bye to him at the Tokyo airport. He served his mission in Japan and was so thrilled and excited to get back to that country and begin a week of travel to visit friends and church members. We then met Gary and Lesa at the departure gate for Guam and continue our air travel for four more hours to Guam. We stayed overnight there and left for Kosrae early the next morning. By now it was Friday thanks to long flights crossing time zones. We have been overwhelmed with the beauty of this paradise island - very undeveloped and humble - but with tropical scenes and ocean surroundings that take our breath away.

And the people! Absolutely incredible. We have met them at our inn and at our church meetings, and we have been so delighted. These people are precious. They are faithful, articulate, beautiful, and just amazing. When we walked into the church, we were greeted with flower hairbands and shell necklaces and smiles and handshakes.

Because of internet limits, I'm going to post some photos and let the photos do the talking. Hope this works....