snippets of writing

Days Book

I've had no time to blog or journal lately, and I'm missing it. I bought a new Julia Cameron book (about art, writing and creativity), and I just want to sit and consume it. So, I decided I had to put the book in the cupboard (out of sight out of mind), so I wouldn't spend time READING and WRITING stuff. And then I remembered my Susan Branch "Days" book. It's an illustrated week-at-a-glance book with just enough space to write {a little something } each day and love doing it because of Susan's adorable illustrations (and fine quality paper). I've gone in spurts writing in this book, so I have snippets of different years mixed into every page. (I'm careful to always write the date including the year.) And, with spring just around the corner (hopefully sooner than later), the green leafy cover looks cute and 'seasonal' sitting on the kitchen counter or writing desk. Below is the link to the website of Susan Branch where you can buy the book. It can be a gratitude journal or a planner or a place to write down funny things people (especially kids) say or whatever you want to make it. I like this book (almost as much as I like parentheses lol).