~ PiLLow LoVe ~

I'm not sure if I've mentioned how much I love buttons. Well, I do love buttons. And patchwork and ribbons and black and pillows. And that's why I love the pillows my friend Teresa Lewis makes. They are d-a-r-l-i-n-g. I was the lucky one to get Teresa's pillow as a gift at our Christmas Sew & Sew's party. Yes, everyone was searching for the gift bag that might be from Teresa. And I got it. (I also have her fall and Halloween pillows.) My new LOVE is the Valentine pillow Teresa made for me. Just look!

Have you ever seen so many cute buttons and baubles. How DOES Teresa have the patience to sew them all on?

Teresa - luv you - thanks for making me happy every season of the year!

If YOU need a pillow for a special occasion just email Teresa - it's on her blog. She makes wonderful pillows for bridal showers that have the names of the bride and groom in custom colors. And if you need an extra special birthday gift - you know who to call.