* you are my sunshine *

I woke up feeling a little stressed this morning and decided to do something about it early. Drove to Einstein Bagels and surprise surprise, the Mango Mandarin bagels are back! Oh, those bagels are a decadent treat, and the really sad thing is how quickly I lost ALL the resolve and promises I made from watching The Biggest Loser last night. But nothing gets me UP and AT IT like an Einstein bagel (especially Mango Mandarin) spread with a shmear of Honey Almond Cream Cheese. Toasted. mmmmmmm....

The only thing to do while s-l-o-w-l-y eating such a bagel is to check your email and hope you have a little gem from Jennifer Louden (The Comfort Queen). Sure enough, this gal who entertains and informs sent a short email (that rang true) about the thin lines between your strengths and weaknesses:


Open spaceness–strength
Listlessly spending time on things that don’t nourish–zap

Eye/ear for detail–strength
Perfectionism so nothing gets started or finished or enjoyed–zap

Princess and the Pea–zap

Must be productive at all moments–zap

From her blog, here are Jennifer's suggestions for different types of renewal :

A) Big sigh renewal: a letting go of what is heavy and sticky and burdensome. Most often experienced after yoga, hot tub soaking, reflexology, or a long hike.

B) Inner quiet renewal: no more blasted yakking in your ever-loving head. Try unplugging from all media (except for texting your beloved several times a day).

C) Playful renewal: “Oh yeah, life isn’t such a big hairy serious deal!” Best fostered by art mess making, dance, and long days in or near water.

D) Embodied renewal: “There is something below my neck? Wait, look, there is!” Yoga with a beloved teacher, reading poetry, massage, (and I have to add walking with Itunes) are in this category.

E) Love renewal: for yourself, your family, your partner. Try paying meticulous attention to what is good, beautiful, and sweet.

F) Creative renewal: the world is a vast marvel and that marvel feds you. Try painting or writing retreats, city vacations immersed in art and theater and music, or permission to read and watch what you really want.

G) Ego reduction renewal: it isn’t all about you. Lose yourself in ancient ruins, climb a tall mountain or launch yourself on a very small boat onto a very large sea.

Note from Debbie: I would add to the list (and it would be first in my list) Spiritual renewal: there is peace and power as the spirit influences me through scriptures and prayer. I've learned that by starting with spiritual things, I build a strong foundation, and then the renewals listed above can be truly renewing.

The bagel was good, the renewal better.