posted (by me) on the Adornit blog - yesterday

fabric JOY!

We are excited!! We are thrilled!! We are dancing in the streets! (Not really.) We want everyone to know our good news, so we've hijacked Georgana's blog to spread the word. Yes, Carolee, Georgana, Alison, and Jackie have flown off to the International Quilt Market, and the rest of us are at the Adornit office working hard - and grinning.

Misty in marketing is checking emails and passing on the good news. All day long, Misty is tickled pink and smiles as she says. "I just got another email - a quilt shop in California loves the new line and wants a catalog."

Graphic designer Tammy can hardly contain herself. She's the designer of the "Life's A Hoot" fabric collection, so she has an extra amount of love invested in this project. "What?" she says, "Another store wants to set up a wholesale account? Wow!"

What's our good news? Well... it's the POSITIVE RESPONSE we've already received to our fabric! We're getting phone calls and emails left and right! Molly and Janet (mom and daughter working on the retail side of the business) are in party mode here - with our adorable owl fabric draped over their knees. Janet has already stitched up a cute little receiving blanket...the first-ever Adornit receiving blanket, we might add!

Yes, in case you haven't heard, Adornit is in the fabric business! We have designed and manufactured a line of ADORABLE fabrics AND patterns AND accessories. We've published our first fabric catalog. Like everyone else, editor Debbie is feeling the fabric joy. After a lifetime of loving patterns, collecting patterns, and using patterns to sew quilts and other things, she is now writing patterns! "How can I be so lucky?"

You can tell that Lisa is excited too! She gets to be in charge of adding bolts and bolts of fabric to the warehouse and shipping department, so she can't wait for the day the fabric arrives...lol. Actually, Lisa is a stitcher and quilter too - of course, she's as excited as the rest of us. Wow!