meeting Suzy Tornoto

I met the artist who made these notecards. She is Suzy Toronto, an author and painter who has a line of whimsical, uplifting gift products.

I walked into a little gift shop recently and realized that a "book signing" was going on. The author and artist was Suzy Toronto - she has a line of books, notepads, magnets, posters etc. etc. all about Wonderful Wacky Women, I joined right in and got a lei to wear, some refreshments to eat, and a book to have signed. Suzy was a very friendly lady with quite a line of gift products. She said that she grew up in Hawaii - thus the leis and the big-hair girls on her art. She's an artist first and also a writer. She has two books, "The Sacred Sisterhood of Wonderful Wacky Women" vol. 1 & 2. Posted by Picasa