my grandsons are the best

I spent some quality time with my two little grandsons this weekend - yesterday with Carter and today with Emmett.
I know your grandsons are darling and sweet and hug worthy, but I have to say that mine are the best. I mean the best in the whole wide world. I could just squish their little cheeks and squeeze their little bellies - but they won't let me - they wriggle and squirm 'til I let them go.

We had Carter for a night and a day, and that kid did not cry once. Not a sniff. This is significant because Carter is a two year old. Because of that, he has license to cry and be difficult. But he wasn't. He was sweet and cooperative; it seemed to me that he was trying to be good for his grammy and grampa. To reward him, I let him climb up on the kitchen stool and do a whole sinkful of dishes. He was in heaven. There was water everywhere, but none of us cared. He deserved to play in the water all day if he wanted. He discovered how to turn on the spray on the faucet and he got quite a kick out of that. I love how he relishes simple pleasures and reminds us to do the same. He likes cars and balls and the little workbench toy with pegs that he hammers then turns over and hammers then turns over and hammers..... He did that for a very long time.

Today I tended baby Emmett at his house. These cute cousins will be good friends someday because of their closeness in age. Emmett was a little angel. He didn't make a peep the whole day. When I walked in this morning, he gave me the biggest grin, and I knew we'd have a good time together. We watched a little TV and then had some gourmet sweet potatoes and peaches for breakfast. Then I put Emmett in his crib and he snuggled into his little blankie and gave me a grateful smile. He was happy to have his nap. I tiptoed out of the room and stood there waiting - you know how you hold your breath for a few minutes waiting for the wail. But he slept for two solid hours while I deleted emails from my overpopulated inbox. Later Emmett and I went to the mall and spent the whole afternoon. He just sat in his stroller, looked around with more interest than you'd ever think a seven month old could have, and enjoyed every minute. That's my boy...a mall tolerator just like his grandpa lol. He endured dressing rooms, restrooms, the food court and three shoe departments. When I finally put him in his car seat, he conked out.