Mother's Day Surprise

I was in Las Vegas with my daughter Suzie and her hubby Winston over the weekend. I got to spend Mother's Day morning with them. Suzie gave me a darling canvas bag with owls printed on it (later I'll explain why the owls are significant) and a cookbook for my new pressure cooker and a little pad of post it notes. I felt bad having to say goodbye and wanted to pack Suzie and Winston up in my suitcase and bring them with me. Instead I hugged them goodbye and caught a plane to SLC arriving in Salt Lake at around 6:00 p.m. Meantime, sneaky Suzie called my daughter Becky and suggested that they surprise me for Mother's Day by being at the airport when I got off the plane.

And I WAS surprised. As I walked down the hallway, I saw Becky up ahead and wondered why she would be at the airport.

Then I saw her husband Pitt holding the baby, and I realized they were there to meet me! I couldn't believe it. What a treat. Oh, how happy I was to grab little Emmett and hug him.

Then, I was completely shocked to turn around and see Scott and Mike standing there with big grins on their faces.

They had joined in the surprise and had come to the airport too! (Which meant that I didn't have to drive home alone - a gift in itself.)

We all went to Becky's house and had treats - chocolate cake and lemon bars that Becky had made. Emmett was so excited he bounced and spun around in his bouncy chair.

Then, to top it off, Aaron and Aimee showed up with ice cream sundaes and more grandkids. Oh joy of joys! Aimee is the cute mom of Carter, Brookie and Bailee. She deserved a long nap for Mother's Day. I totally appreciated that they spent the evening with us instead.

Oh, and, it was Becky's first Mother's Day - she got a sweet gift from her little son Emmett and hubby Pitt...flip flops with yoga mat soles. Soft and comfy for nurse Becky.
Brookelyn looked so cute in her long dress and flower-adorned headband. She made a special card for me and then performed one of the darling dances she learned for her spring dance review. She also showed off her cartwheels - quite a feat in that dress!

Bailee gave me a beautiful picture that she had painted. I love Bailee's art AND the way she poses for photos. Being willing to pose and smile that beautiful smile for a photo-crazy grandma is truly a gift. Thanks everyone (especially Suzie) for a very happy Mother's Day that will never be forgotten!