{ our love story }

I've been scrapping - for a work project that will be on the Adornit blog next week. Yesterday I finished a double layout - just in time for Valentine's Day. As usual, Adornit products made my scrapping quick and easy. (I have to be honest, it took a bit of time to write our Love Story - time well spent.)

This was kind of a pre-Valentine gift for Scott. When he read the journaling, he had the same feelings I had when I wrote it - we both feel lucky that it all turned out so well! Thirty six and a half years, I might add. I think he might get all mushy now and buy me something special like a Sponge Bob DVD for Valentine's Day. I'm very serious about the Sponge Bob part. That's why I drop very blunt hints to Scott about what I like, expect, want, and need. After 36 years, I've learned how to have a successful Valentine's Day.


Eileen said...

I love how you did that ribbon. Such a sweet accent.

SW said...

One of my favorite stories :) I too am glad that it worked out. Also, for those who don't know . . . dad would give mom Spongebob stuff for every holiday if she didn't hint! (He would also give her very strange things he finds at exotic places like Home Depot). So keep on hinting mom, really.