~ ScEnes from VaLenTine's Day ~

It's a Valentine's Day tradition for my son-in-law Pitt to give TULIPS to Becky for Valentine's Day. Since Pitt is on a once-in-a-lifetime ski trip, Becky came to stay with us and brought two spots of delight - the tulips and baby Emmett.

We had fun with Emmett - his smiles and cuddles bring so much love. Becky and Emmett left this morning so now the house is quiet...until Mike gets his guitar out. (Thankful for Mike's music. ) I had a nap after church, and when I got up Scott had decorated the dining room table. I'm still laughing because he walked all over the house and got every Valentine decoration I had and put them all together on the table. Then he made the heart mobile that 's hanging from the light - he cut the hearts from a decorated sack and strung them together with thread with a little center heart that twirls around. Scott has always liked mobiles - interesting - I just realized that. I fixed a pretty decent Valentine's Day dinner - a shrimp pasta that was easy and looks good on my red and white plates. I'm going to put the recipe here this week because it had two ingredients that I want to share. Hope your Valentine's day was love-ly too!