it's cold out - warm up with a Valentine's project

Just in time for sharing LOVE notes among your family for Valentine's Day. Or...what a fun gift filled with candy and cards for someone special.

Check out this darling project that's on the Adornit blog today. You really need to see this Valentine's Day Mailbox in person - it's adorable - and that's to be expected since it was made by my friend (and co-worker) Janet Parker. As I told her yesterday, "You have a knack for making things extra cute - and just nicely done."

Janet Parker

BE SURE TO CLICK on the TEMPLATE LINK below - it's an instruction sheet with pictures, step by step directions, and a template for making the cute paper flower.

1. Cut a large heart shape out of chipboard or cardboard.

2. Cut a chipboard/cardboard piece for the pocket, using the lower half of the heart shape.

3. Adhere patterned paper to each piece, using white glue or decoupage medium (Mod Podge).

4. Cut a large scallop out of coordinating paper to go across the top of the pocket piece and glue in place.

5. Attach pocket piece to heart (we stapled ours).

6. Download the flower shape template, trace onto patterned paper and cut out. Glue together and embellish as desired. Adhere to front of pocket.

Download Adornit_ValentineMailbox Flower Template

7. With a craft knife, cut slits in the tops of the heart, one on each side. Slide ribbon through each slit and use to tie to the back of a chair – or tie the ribbon together at the top to hang on the wall.