77 mph and thinking

Yesterday I was toodling down the freeway at 77 mph and my mind was going a hundred. I like to drive; it puts me in control of the radio and makes the time go faster. (We were driving home from St. George.) But I wish there were a way to write while I drive. Here are seven (out of a thousand) thoughts I had at 77.

1. Why, oh why did I leave my iPod in my sock drawer. The music on Scott's iPod is, well, OK, but I've heard the same songs over and over. I never have my iPod when I want it. I don't have the iPod habit yet. Thank goodness I picked up that Glee CD at Target.

2. My new CD is Glee Season One and the last song is Defying Gravity. It is now confirmed to me that I really really don't like the show Wicked or the music from Wicked. Yes, I know, I'm the only one in the United States or maybe the world with that bad (wicked) attitude. And yes, I have seen the show - I saw it on Broadway in NYC - sixth row seats. I just didn't catch the magic. And listening to Defying Gravity with the Glee cast didn't change my mind. I'm just glad I didn't have to listen to Popular too.

3. I have fabric waiting at home. Oooh, cute fabric that I really really like and a quilt pattern that will be perfect for it. Before I dive into the little bit of funness (not a real word), I have to finish the UFO Valentine's Day table runner that's been in my sewing closet for a long time. Have to...this week or it won't be worth it - like every other year for the past ten. Oh man, has that unfinished project really been hanging in my closet for ten years? If I don't finish it this week, it's going in the "OUT" box.

4. You know, that movie The Proposal? We watched it over the weekend. And I just have a little question that I would like to ask the director or the stars. Does anyone ever watch the final version before the movie is released??? Do they have focus groups??? How about some kind of expert critic looking at the movie??? It could have been a sort of a decent movie, but, man, they cheezed it up so badly and filled it with so many cliches that it was nearly unwatchable. I cringe just thinking about Betty White doing that Indian dance. Do they think we're a bunch of idiots?

5. Six o'clock on the Nephi exit. The sky is the most beautiful shade of blue I have ever seen. I love blue - it's my favorite - and I wish I could have captured that color in a photo. I took a photo, but the color's not right. I will always remember it though.

6. I am going to go home and clean my house. I mean rip into it.

7. I never decided on my word for 2010. I like reading all the words that women pick as their "guiding word" for the year. I read about this idea on scrapper-idol Ali Edwards' blog last year when she asked the question, "Can you identify a single word that sums up what you want for yourself in 2009?" Her word for 2009 was NURTURE, and this year it's STORY. Somewhere she mentioned VITALITY which is a favorite word. I love words and have thought about a lot of different words in the past month. On my shortlist:










SIMPLIFY (not really)


As I drove I thought about life and the constant path to either self-improvement, or at least maintaining what I've already improved lol, and I'm still thinking........................