yesterday's snowstorm

It was one of those days that would have been charming and exciting in December...but a snowstorm like this in March just made everybody frustrated and impatient! It started snowing in the middle of the night and by morning we had a good six inches. It continued to snow and snow and snow - ALL DAY - dumping about a foot in our neck of the woods - twice that much in the south end of the valley where my brother Doug lives. Standing on the inside looking out, it really was quite pretty. But we all have spring fever, so we just couldn't appreciate the beauty of it all.

The one thing that I did enjoy yesterday was the bird symphony in my backyard - and front yard - and all around me. I went outside to snap some pictures and I couldn't believe the noise. I bet there were a thousand birds in my yard. Well, not quite a thousand, but truly, 30 in every tree, and I have a lot of trees. I looked out front and there were fifty more birds on the road in front of our house. The birds would find a tire track where the road was showing through, and they'd line up on the tire track. I don't know what they liked about it, but it sure was funny to watch. These birds were all big fat robins - notice the red breasts above. I guess they are on their way north for the summer after spending the winter in the south. They came about a week too soon. Supposedly, though, the weather is going to change this weekend. I can't imagine all this snow melting in one weekend, but I'm sure hope it does - I'm ready to get my grass back.