Go Aggies!

I don't know if we can take any more basketball games like last night. Those Aggies! The fact that the game wasn't on TV made it all the harder. We had to listen to it on the radio like we were transported back to the 1940's - huddled around the radio, trying to envision the play as Al Lewis described it over the airwaves. We were at Ron and Jill's (Scott's sister) house, and Ron kept saying, "I don't want to go to bed angry." The Aggies didn't lead the whole second half until Tyler Newbold hit a 12-foot shot with 3 seconds left. Talk about jumping on the couch, Scott. lol
These photos are from the last home game last week here in Logan. Coach Stew Morrill is a constant source of entertainment - especially when he gets mad. It really is funny to watch. He gets so mad at the refs sometimes that his assistants have to drag him back to the bench. And once he was so furious at Pooh Williams (good player) when Pooh got a technical that the coach's face was red and he was shaking. Being in the audience watching it all gave you that uncomfortable feeling you'd get as a kid when your brother was in trouble with your dad and you had to watch him get yelled at. Only this time there were 10,000 people watching Stew and poor Pooh.

These "Aggiettes" are cute girls, but honestly their dances are b-o-r-i-n-g. I swear Brookelyn and Bailee could learn their steps. Step, touch, step, touch. They do a little more with their arms, but really, can't they kick it up a notch? The bball team is giving it their all and the dancers are dancing to tasteless music. I guess I just long for the good old days when Dorothy Watts was an Aggiette - or her daughters Angie, Millie and Ginna. Now those were some performances! No one went for popcorn during halftime back then.

I love the Aggie students. They have more team spirit than any studentbody in the whole country. It's worth going to the games just to watch "The Herd" in action - I think there's about a thousand in the club. We especially get a kick out of the group of mostly guys that sits on the East side behind the basket. They have funny (sometimes rude) chants and posters. I think it's cool that every student does the actions to the songs and sings along. Them and my sister-in-law Jill. Now that's school spirit!