[ love my yahoo bookmarks ]

It's been a good day. Good church meetings...I get to associate with absolutely awesome women. I can't even begin to list the good they do and the good they are. Good dinner...I made a pork loin roast with roasted potatoes that turned out really yummy. Good surprise...Becky came for a quick visit. And now I'm telling you about my good Yahoo Bookmarks.

Here's the deal. About six months ago one of our computers got a virus. It was bad and we lost some things...like ALL OF OUR itunes. That was depressing. (Thankfully our photos and Word files were on another computer.) But I was sick about itunes. And we couldn't reclaim them which I think is the biggest ripoff EVER! I had lots of my own tunes that I'd paid 99 cents each for - over a couple of years. When I learned to use itunes a cuple of years ago, I really had fun making CD's for myself of my different playlists. I had CD's titled Debbie's Energy, Debbie's Inspiration, Debbie's Songs to Clean By, Debbie's Oldies etc. I had some good songs that I loved. (All isn't lost, I have been painstakingly downloading the songs off my CD's back to My Music and itunes - but it takes time that I don't want to spend.)

The other thing I lost was all my bookmarks. Arghh. When I first learned to bookmark I went crazy and bookmarked or 'favorited' every blog and good website I came across. Later I learned to organize my bookmarks and had a great library. When I realized they were gone, I was sick. I knew I had to switch to an online bookmark service. I googled and read about a bunch, and ended up deciding to use Yahoo Bookmarks. It's online so I can access it from any computer. It just sits on my My Yahoo homepage and it's quick and easy to add and organize sites. (You can install it on a Yahoo toolbar, but I prefer having it on my My Yahoo page.) I love it! I can find anything on it. I'll never remember or find all my old bookmarks, but I've good some good stuff here.

HERE is kind of what it looks like - I copied and pasted some of it to show you.


My Folders

-Family Blogs
-Friend Blogs
-Charming Blogs
-Good Play Lists
-Church Info Sites
-Eye Candy
-Scrapbook Manufacturers
-Scrapbook Diva Blogs
-Cardmaker Blogs
-Quilt Shops Online
-Fabric Designer Blogs
-Interesting Misc.
-Writing Websites
-Book Recommendations
-Writing Blogs