* patChes of sunLight *

After a couple of hopeful warm-ish days, we woke up to snow this morning - again. The day was dreary and depressing until the sun came out later in the afternoon. It was still c-o-l-d, but at least the world brightened up for a few minutes. When the sun finally shines after days of grayness, I love to walk around the house and look for patches of sunlight on my walls and carpet. It's something that lifts my spirits. And then I think of the wonderul book called Patches of Godlight by Jan Karon. This book is FULL of the favorite scriptures and quotes of Father Tim - the fictional pastor in the Mitford series. Warms my heart.


Bonnie said...

Debbie, Thank you for your 'books'! This morning I was thinking about reading a new, meaty, and uplifting book. Wa-La...Patches of Sunlight!!! You are such an inspiration! Bonnie

Eileen said...

You always inspire me! You are so happy and positive.

Thanks for you sweet post on my blog. I'm glad you are my friend.


Bonnie said...

GREAT BOOK! 'You Can Be HAPPY No Matter What' by Richard Carlson. I'm lovin' it...thanks for sharing!!!