You HAVE to try this { Lemonade }

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Fresh Lemonade with a Twist
(milk in the recipe!)
from Debbie's good friend Marilyn Watts

1. Zest one whole lemon.
2. Juice that lemon plus 7 more lemons for a total of 8 lemons.
3. Strain juice to remove pulp and seeds.
4. Add to the juice:

4 cups milk
3 cups sugar
Zest of one lemon
1 tablespoon lemon extract

5. Whisk together really well so it forms thick syrup. This makes 2 quarts of syrup. Marilyn pours it into 2 quart jars.
6. Use one liter of club soda (chilled) per one quart of syrup.
7. Fill punch bowl with syrup and club soda.
OR mix in individual glasses to taste.
8. Marilyn says, "Be sure to use "good ice"— little crushed bits of slushy ice.
9. Garnish with a fresh mint leaves.
10. Hint: You can use 7UP, just cut back on the sugar in syrup.