basement remodel - beginning photos

This is the game room - it was white with teal and purple carpet - classic colors from the 90's. There was a purple vinyl built-in bench in the corner. Marty added the beams, trim & columns.
This is the TV room - also a teal color. You can see my photo album storage in the background. We have now built a special room to store the photo albums and all of Scott's video tapes - both commercial and homemade...he must have 3,000 tapes. Seriously. They will all be moved now to our new little 'video/photos' room - out of sight. That was one of Marty's best ideas.

Here is Scott in front of the wall where we cut out the window for the little playhouse. We had a closet that is under the stairs. It had been filling up with my books and other stuff. Marty suggested we make it a little room for the granddaughters to play in. I was nervous to cut through the wall to make the window. but WE DID IT, and it turned out fun and cute.