Girls and their Laptops

Suzie is here visiting for a week, so we took advantage of her computer AND teaching skills, and asked her to teach a computer class about digital photo albums and blogging. About fifteen women gathered in my kitchen last night (four brought their laptops) for an intense two hours of instruction and laughs.
Suzie is a great teacher and was very enthusiastic about her subject. She had a four-page handout which we followed as she put the information up on the screen. It was just lucky that this is the week that the big-screen TV is out of its regular spot because of the remodel in the basement. It was easy to put it on the kitchen counter and show what was on Suzie's computer screen.
Suzie and Winston's wedding photo album has 100 pages of beautiful photography and memories. She uses mypublisher.com for her albums. She loves the price (they often have specials and coupons like two for one, and it is very user friendly.
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