Pitt's Kayak Races

So our son-in-law participates in a wild and crazy sport - kayaking. He was in charge of a kayak race in Logan Canyon a few weeks ago. It was so amazing to watch. These guys are crazy. There they are in that COLD river, hooked to their boats, going over rapids, hitting rocks, and literally flipping over and going completely under the water. The time I saw a guy hit his head on a rock and bounce back up, I said, this is a crazy sport. Very fun to watch, kayak races, but CRAAZZZZY!
Here is Pitt running the show, either announcing winners or telling times. He did publicity, entries, organization of races, timing, prizes and more stuff that I don't even know about. There were about 25 racers.

Mike and I watched from the Nature Trail. Mike had a friend here who had been in Japan with him - Kei - from Tokyo. He loved it. I thought to myself, "Why aren't we up in Logan Canyon every Saturday morning? It was one of those classic summer days that we long for in February.

Scott was the photographer and took a hundred awesome photos. The course was from Second Dam to First Dam. Scott positioned himself on a rock almost below the kayakers as they came over some rapids and rocks. He got some great action shots and was very conscientious to get photos of each entrant in the contest. I can't say enough how impressed I was with the kayakers. And so surprising that they were having fun. Did I mention yet how COLD that water is???