more photos of basement

This is the game room - painted an indescribable color of green. It's not lime, and it's not really avacado, yet it's not leaf, it's more yellow, but not mustard. The official color is Sweet Olive, but I certainly wouldn't call it olive. I can't name it, but I quite like it. I'm glad for the white trim because it tones it down.
This is the hallway with the white beadboard that I love. The wood and tan paint seemed to really open up the area...so much that it feels like it needs some kind of furniture in it, like a bench or shelf.

This is the mini-kitchen. We (not us, but the builder) painted the cupboards black. I was more scared to do this than anything in the remodel and I nearly said no about ten times. I had loved those cupboards when they were natural maple and I just hated to cover them up. But they will look nice and fit in with Marty's design plan. I trust Marty's design and when in doubt, I (almost) always agree with Marty, and end up with a look that's perfect.