'twas the day after Christmas

We used to be tired and grumpy on the day after Christmas. About five years ago, we started a tradition of ice skating and lunch. It got us out of the house and away from the toys and treats for a little while. We love it. This year I sent an email inviting lots of families, and the turn out was awesome! The Eccles Ice Arena, our local (indoor) rink, provides "walkers" for the kids to skate with, plus they let you take strollers on the ice. So everyone from babies to toddlers to oldies can enjoy the skating. 
This little sweetie is only two years and a couple of months.
And Suzie, Winston and Lizzie are from Las Vegas where they don't do ice!
Go Brookelyn!
That's Carter in the front - he was skating on his own after an hour. 
My sister and his son and family came from out of town!
Three generations on the ice. 
Mike and Sierra missed the ice skating last year because they were on their honeymoon. 
Look at the size of our group - and it's not even everyone!
Cute granddaughters.
Becky and Emmett - he wanted to wear his helmet - they're cool now and that's neat!
Emmett and dad watching the zamboni groom the ice after the two-hour skate session.