sKi daY

On New Year's Day, Scott tried to convince me to go skiing. That was just simply the LAST thing I wanted to do. I was still cleaning up holiday decorations and trying to put my house back together after all the December fun. So I said NO. He took it well and spent the rest of the day helping me.

Well, that evening I was talking to Becky, and she mentioned that they were going skiing the next day. Totally surprised myself and Scott by inviting us to go along. Before we knew it we were driving to Salt Lake, then following them into the lodge - look closely and you can see Becky with baby Hollis in her car seat and Emmett being carried by Pitt. (It's hard to walk in those heavy boots.)

Skiing with my daughter and grandson? Couldn't miss it. And, I had a motive that would let me ski less and let Scott ski more...I'd be a good Grammy and tend the baby in the lodge while the others skied...which is exactly what I did.

Can you believe this 4 1/4 year old?! His dad has taught him well and now he's skiing by himself and loving it! Last year and the year before he skied with an adult keeping him upright by using a harness. This year, he's on his own and doing great! You wouldn't believe the slopes they tackled. No bunny hill for this kid!

Scott, Emmett and Pitt at the favorite Solitude photo spot.

This makes me happy and Pitt happy and Becky especially happy. 

That's me in black on one of my four awesome runs. Four runs is just the right amount of skiing and the non-mogul slopes take away my fears of injury. 

Becky and Emmett and blue blue sky. The name Solitude is perfect for this uncrowded and beautiful ski resort.

Little Hollis spent six hours in the lodge with hardly a whimper. What a sweetie! Becky and I enjoyed tending and tater tots almost as much as skiing.